WELCOME to Extreme Hydrographics of LA, LLC NOW located at 4911A Shed Road, Bossier city, LA!

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First, we LOVE what we do. We love to give people some amazing looking stuff. Most things that come into the shop are plain jane or just simply ugly. When they leave the shop, they are something to be proud of. We're looking to change the way the business is run.

Not all hydrographics dippers are created equal. We take great pride in what we do, as do most, but the difference is the quality in the products we use, the time we take to prep the items, and the longevity of the products when we give them back to the client. When you bring something to the shop, you KNOW that you're going to take it home and never have a problem with it. Of course, we are human and mistakes are made. We stand behind our work 100%+. It's rare that an issue occurs, however!!

GOOD THINGS ARE HAPPENING TOO!We got some new patterns in the shop. We have made improvements that benefit our favorite people - our clients!

We take pride in our quality of products. In everything we do in fact! We use the best materials that money can buy, so rest assured that your items aren't going to fade or turn yellow. We're always improving processes and looking for the best ideas - ALWAYS! And we deliver everything promised. It is absolutely fine tooth combing in the shop.

So what do we dip? Pretty much everything you can think of. From recreational vehicles to animal skulls to hard hats to rims and beyond... Basically anything that can be submerged in water!

We have PERFECTED the recreational vehicle dipping process. So rest assured that you will receive amazing looking plastics back. Whether new or used, it doesn't matter. Check out the gallery on the site - you will see a lot of ATV's - not all were new! Most were used! Our process is much less expensive than buying new plastics even.

Every piece that comes into our shop is treated as though it is our own, so you know you're going to get the best possible product. We believe in operating with pride and integrity and we can handle just about any size job. If it fits in the tank, we can dip it! By using water transfer printing, we are able to custom coat recreational vehicles, guns, auto interior, rims, fender flares, household items, just about anything (except fabric, rubber or items too big) in any color or pattern we have. If you don't see a pattern that you want, just call us - we will do what we can do get it for you! Check out our links in the navigation bar to see how it all works, samples, and our patterns and colors including our great looking camoflauge. Please do not hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions!!